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The Most Common Dental Problems

Just like our other bodily functions require a healthy lifestyle with lots of care that goes into making them function properly in the same way in order to make your mouth work properly you have to consider it as a part of your body that needs your attention and gingerly care.

Our mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria both good and bad thus making our teeth some really troublesome entities. But the fun part is that most of these problems are easy to spot and if given adequate attention and care you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that they are absolutely avoidable and preventable.

Good oral care involves brushing twice a day, frequent flossing, healthy diet, avoiding sticky and sugary products, frequent dental visits and above all having a good amount of knowledge regrading good oral hygiene that allows you to spot these problems and take an efficient & proactive flight to uproot the problem from the very beginning before it’s too late.

Here is a list of some dental problems that are deemed to be the most common ones. This guide explains what to look for, which steps to take and how to approach treatments.

Bad Breath

Bad breath- aka ‘Halitosis’, is a condition that can be sheer embarrassing for many and can really lower down your self- esteem, is not that simple to cure as it has been made easy.

Since there can be so many underlying dental conditions that are to be blamed in case of persistent bad breath faced by many and simple brushing or frequent rinsing with mouthwash will only mask the odor and not cure it.

Tooth decay, cavities, bacteria, tonsil stones, bleeding gums etc. are among the leading causes of chronic bad breath and without treating these conditions you cannot fight bad breath. So, this is the high time to see a dentist who can identify the root cause and treat it accordingly.


Toothache is yet among the most common dental problems that can be caused by a number of reasons which can be prevented through good oral care, rinsing with mouthwash that help kill the bacteria, flossing to remove the caught food between teeth can actually help eradicate the pain. But if it persists after all this, and you feel swelling or pus around your tooth with excruciating pain, it is an alarming sign of abscessed tooth (which is an infection in or around the root of the tooth that may or may not be painful) and you should make an urgent visit to your dentist to help rule out the problem by treating it.


It is among the most common dental problems that is potentially capable of ruining your tea time or ice cream party. Basically, it involves experiencing pain from eating or drinking anything hot, cold or sweet.

Sensitivity can be a sign of tooth abscess, a crack in the tooth, or some other reason, which urgently needs to be identified and treated by a dentist. Once the dentist figures out the problem, you might need a filling or a root canal or any other treatment accordingly. In this situation you need to book an appointment as soon as possible to help prevent the tooth from further deterioration.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay also known as cavities is quite problematic and it is also among the most common dental problems all over the world. Tooth decay is basically caused by the eroding of tooth enamel which is caused by plaque which is sticky bacteria that surrounds your teeth and eventually erodes the tooth enamel making your tooth prone to rapid decay. Moreover, anyone can be affected by this condition regardless of their age. But old age people and children are more at risk since their enamel is more vulnerable.

Tooth decay is fueled by consuming food composed of sugar or starch which proliferates this eroding activity of bacteria. But the good news is that it can be prevented by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, using a mouthwash with fluoride baseline and regular dental visits.

However, it is wise to see a dentist who is better able to figure out if your case is serious or not, if it can be prevented by simply intensifying your oral care or if you really need filings to seal the cavities.

Stained Teeth

Stained teeth actually have a bad impact on your personality since interaction is the basic necessity of human beings and communication is the most fundamental part of human interaction. Staining on teeth is triggered by the consumption of fatty food, carbonated drinks, smoking, use of tobacco, caffeine and sometimes medication or trauma can also discolor your teeth.

However, there are many options for teeth whitening ranging from home remedies and good oral care to proper dental treatment. It makes sense if you see a dentist timely since your dentist is the one who can figure out the root cause of your discoloration and recommend you some further treatments that may help reduce your risks.

Chipped Tooth

Chipped tooth is among the top dental injuries and large a number of people suffer this condition of chipped tooth followed by some accident or trauma. This problem however can be treated by using a crown or veneer if the chip is large, or it can also be treated by bonding the chipped area with some resin material.

Gums Problems

Swollen gums, bleeding gums caused by infectious gums surrounding the teeth are the driving force for a number of other problems related to mouth ranging from simple to chronic in nature. They are potentially capable of posing a serious threat to the sustenance of your tooth/teeth leading to the loss of tooth.

Although anyone can run the risk of gum disease but people above 30 are more prone to it. the problems related to gums can be aggravated by smoking, or in some cases diabetes and dry mouth can also paly a triggering role leading to sensitivity, bleeding gums, bad breath and painful chewing.

Gum diseases can be prevented by brushing, flossing and rinsing but a competent dentist can actually aid you in identifying the root cause.

Can I Treat Dental Problems Through Remedies?

Nevertheless, if you are following excellent dental care rituals in order to maintain a good oral state, chances are that you are still prone to some serious dental problems since it is not always easy for a common man to identify the underlying causes of your dental problem. Even the simplest dental conditions have different underlying causes that only a dentist can identify and treat.
Remedies do play an effective role in superficially treating the problem but they are unable to cure chronic problems and seeing a good dentist is the only way to get rid of your problem.

Why Do I Need To See Reliable And Authentic Dental Surgeon In Rawalpindi?

Teeth are really troublesome and complex entities and home remedies may sound like a mask that temporarily conceal any dental condition but the results are not that promising.
An authentic and a reliable dentist is not an only recourse when the things completely get out of your hand rather periodic dental visits are also important to help reduce the risks related to dental problems. Regular check- ups help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

During dental visits your dental professional thoroughly examines your mouth and look for troublesome areas to treat them timely, he also takes your medical history which ultimately makes it a lot more easier for the dentist to inform you of your future risks and to figure out the underlying causes for your dental problems (if any).

Why Alkidmat Raazi Hospitl Is Deemed As Best And Affoardable Option For Dental Treatment In Rawalpindi And Islamabad

You can have your treatment done under affordable charges if you prior make a wise choice while looking for an authentic dental surgeon, where you can find expertise along with comfort, ease of communication and best treatment with affordable charges.
So, for that purpose Raazi hospital in Rawalpindi is the best option that offers you an outstanding and quality treatment under the most meager and nominal charges as compared to any other hospital in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.